Lazar Kan considers full-time rallycross season for 2024

Rédigé le 14/09/2023
Dubernard Nicolas

Author: Dmitri Pribylov

German rally driver Lazar Kan entered 6th round of Latvian-Lithuanian rallycross championship with PROSPEED team and made a good job finishing in 5th place in the SUPERCAR category. He shared his impressions regarding “Night Rallycross” event:

“I tried some rallycross here in Riga about three years ago but only now behind the steering wheel such powerful car I may say that this is my real debut in such races. I really enjoyed racing in the opposite direction here at Bikernieki Circuit. I think I like it even more than a standard one. My goal today is to try rallycross as a new type of motorsport me. The aim is to come here next year as the full-time entrant. Rallycross is less time-consuming comparing to rally due shorter racing weekend (you don’t need to spend the time doing pre-event reconnaissance) so it is much easier to combine my possible starts with the daily business.”

Talking about the comparison of two racing disciplines such rally and rallycross German driver noted the following:

"For sure the car is different, especially in terms of power and you need to adapt your driving style. This PROSPEED’s Evo RX reminds me Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX I used in the past. If you’ll setup the gravel suspension of Evo IX as hard as possible then you’ll get something similar as I’ve got now. The adrenaline is similar. I can admit that I already feel myself more confident in rallycross then in rally. This happened because now I’ve got really little mileage in rally and this affects the ability. So, yes, it will be good to do more rallycross in the future!”